Sunday, 17 December 2006

More pages

Well, I've decided to put all the pages here, from day 13 to today - day 17.
Day 13 remembers how we used to hand out the presents - and my dad only opening one present an hour, this used to drive us mad, but one year Pauline and I decided to buy him a pair of slippers - and wrap them seperately! He still waited a whole hour wearing one slipper!
Day 14 is about christmas songs - love them or hate them - i really like to hear them, been listening to Angelis and they do a couple which sound really good.
Day 15 is about visitors - me! I'm visiting my mum & dad for christmas then we'll visit Pauline & Alistair, and I'll visit my friends too.
Day 16 - being grateful, i'm grateful i was able to get almost 2 weeks off work to come home, means I'll be here for my Dad's 70th birthday on tuesday and I'll be here for christmas. I'm also very grateful that an old friend dropped in to my mums today with a christmas card - she didn't know I was here and it was such a lovely surprise, so we're going to meet up while i'm here - if you ever read this Angie - it was so lovely to see you!
Day 17 - perfect presents, I hope this will be perfect - I made a triangle minibook at my first scrapmates crop - hello Anne(mafswife)! and thought it would be perfect for my friend Judith.
Well that's it for tonight - need to stay caught up!


Chiara said...

love the entries you have done

Eleni said...

What brilliant pages, had a good laugh with your one-slipper on dad!!! LOL :D

Karen said...

Are youa Scrapagogo member? I noticed the Blonde Moments stamp! Your pages are very pretty and have a nice feel to them!

Latharia said...

What lovely dimension on your pages! I can feel the texture!

Latharia said...

Welcome back! :)

Kel x said...

Your book is so stunning! I'm going to come back and look at everything soon.

staceyfike said...

very cool pages!!!