Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Tarabotti receptacle(steampunked bin!)

Inspired by Andy Skinner Book of Secrets workshop
 Ok, so who stole Summer?? Seem to be having some strange  weather here in London, sun one minute, real sudden downpours, cold winds - no wonder I've been suffering with flu for the past week :(

Emma & Lorna
Had  visit from my sister Pauline, niece Lorna and her friend Emma at the beginning of the month, so we did some touristy stuff(between dodging downpours) 
Cake shop China Town

Phonebox Covent Garden

Not your normal type of butterfly!



How to tie a cravat(not!)

just dandy

Lorna's home from home :)
Emma introduced me to a new author, Gail Carriger, who writes steampunk books with werewolves, vampires and preternatuarls, I've just finished the first book of the Parasol Protectorate and started on the second - thanks Emma!  I was inspired by the book and the Andy Skinner Book of Secrets workshop
to steampunk an MDF bin I'd bought at Ally Pally.

Book of Secrets

Step 1 - base embossed card

I tried to take photo's of each stage, starts off with embossed card, die cut cogs, gears, watch parts and embellishments.
Step 2 - black gesso
 Second step is to paint everything in black gesso
Step 3 - burnt umber
 Step 3 - add some burnt umber for metal look
Step 4 - faux metal paint finish 
Step 4 - layer various colours to give an antiqued metal finish.  I'd highly recommend doing Andy Skinner's workshop, his website is

It was Lorna's birthday and as she's interested in photography too thought it was the ideal opportunity to use my new Tim Holtz vintage camera die - lucky girl got a new camera for her birthday from her mum & dad - but she does need it for school.