Sunday, 14 January 2007

What now?

Well, the Christmas Journal finished last week so have felt a bit lost, got used to doing a bit of art and journalling(or thinking about it!) each day.

So, I've decided to join the rest of my team on UKScrappers and take part in Yorkie Girls 2007 journal. The idea is to create an entry for each month, everyone seems to be doing a variety of different things

I'm planning to do a mix of art/scrapping journal. Thinking of having a calendar page with events jotted down and the facing page with photo and journalling, but we'll see! I've done the front cover so far.

As well s Shimelle inspiring me with her online classes, I love the cupcake recipes she has on her site so I decided to buy myself a handmixer with some gift vouchers I got at Christmas and tried baking....and discovered I needed to buy a bigger mixing bowl. My poor toaster and wall tiles ended up getting a bit splattered!

Saturday, 6 January 2007

All good things come to an end...

It's the twelfth day of Christmas, decorations have come down and it's the last day of the Christmas journal class. I've loved doing this class and it's made me really apprieciate and savour Christmas this year and remember past Christmases too. Thanks to Shimelle for the wonderful prompts and inspiration and to everyone who shared their creations, I feel that I have new friends all over the world.

Jan 2nd:Focussing on innocence and the artistic challenge to use white. Journalling relates to the innocence of children - I saw my niece in her school concert and it was so wonderful to see the kids so joyful and full of the spirit of Christmas.

Jan 3rd:Recalling the most special moments, wanted to protect and preserve the so journalled inside one of the christmas cards I made this year. Seeing Lorna in her last primary school concert and the look on the face of my friend Judith when she opened the triangle mini-album I made for her.

Jan 4th:Planning for next Christmas - make cards earlier, I keep thinking I should start in September instead of a last minute rush! Try not to worry so much about presents - my family and friends are more than happy with the gifts I buy and really want to see me more than they are concerned with what present they'll get, except my nieces maybe!! :)

Jan 5th: Packing up, putting all the Christmas things away and finding homes for my presents.

Jan 6th: The End, 12 day of Christmas and last journal entry, I feel that this journal has enabled me to recapture my love of Christmas and to record moments that could so easily be forgotten.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Back to reality!

Happy 2007!
This is the card I made for my Dad's birthday, combined 2 photos in photoshop then used the watercolour filter on it, and printed onto canvas. Like how it turned out, Dad said he was going to frame it!

Well, the festive seasons over and I've already been back to work. Had a really wonderful break with my family back in Scotland. Dad's 70th birthday was great, lovely meal in Cardozi's in Paisley, and he was really pleased with his present(Paint Shop Pro X).

I've caught up again with my Christmas Journal, got todays entry to do but thought I'd get the other entries posted up. I think i'm going to need bigger book ringers - my journals got a bit chuncky!

Here are my entries;
18th Dec:prompt was to journal our christmas menu and include something from that meal later, I rescued a piece of paper napkin and tucked it into the top of mu journalling tag.

19th Dec:A letter to Santa - hidden inside vellum envelope is my letter to Santa, if money was no object I would love to have a personal die-cutting machine like a craft-robo as I love the idea of being able to use any of the great fonts I have on my pc to cut as titles for scrapbooking

20th Dec:prompt was about an unexpected delivery - mine was an old friend turning up with a christmas card for my mum. She had no idea I would be there and I didn't know she would be coming, it was such a lovely surprise and we arranged to meet before I had to return to London, artistic challenge on this was to use a postage stamp - had to go and rescue them from my mum's recycle bin - chilly!!

Dec 21:prompt was to take a photo of how home looked right that moment with no tiding up first so took a photo of christmas tree and the fireplace looking very festive.

Dec 22:A very handy entry - to do list, some of the i'd already completed but others I still had to do so putting it in my journal made sure I did them - and ticked them off!

Dec 23:Christmas stockings - don't have one anymore but when I was younger used to get apples and tangerines and other little present in them.

Dec 24:Journalling on tag tells to why I love christmas.

Dec 25:Christmas Day - journal the most memorable or surprising moment. Photo shows candle plate & vase. I bought the vase when on Holiday in Portugal with mum & dad and had asked if the could bring me back a matching candle holder when they went back in September. Mum told me that the didn't have any so was a real surprise when I opened my present, looks great on my dining table - thanks Mum & dad.

Dec 26:Boxing Day -Our family tradition is a bit like a second sitting for Christmas Dinner!

Pauline and Alistair brought what was left of their turkey and ham, and Alistairs homemade stuffing made with gingerbread in it - absolutely gorgeous! Artistic challenge was to use something that would be thrown away, piece of christmas cracker and ribbon hold journalling tag and joke from cracker used.

Dec 27: Christmas Calm - sleep cycles always change, no having to get up at stupid time to go to work so the first couple of mornings take a bit of getting used to, waking up at 5:00 then realising I could go back to sleep - bliss! The hard bit is going back to work and getting up early again. Artistic challenge to use blue somewhere.

28th Dec:Christmas treats - things you only do are have at that time of year - most seem to involve food!

29th Dec:2006 in review, double page for this one, I created a collage in photoshop of some of my favourite moments of 2006, photos of portugal, sculpture from outide of Dali exhibition and my card that was published in Simply Stamping Magazine. Second page has journalling strips of achievements/favoutire moments of 2006.
30th Dec - title page, haven't done this yet - will do it later!
31st Dec - New Year's Eve, was working so not much planned, watched BBC Scotland, had a glass of wine and watched the fireworks from my window. Photo is a picture i took of my glass of wine, clock, shortbread tin and Scottish recipe cutting board overlayed with a picture of fireworks in George Square, Glasgow. Artistic challenge to use glitter and glitz!
1st Jan 2007 - New Years Day: I don't really make resolutions but have little things I try to do