Sunday, 14 January 2007

What now?

Well, the Christmas Journal finished last week so have felt a bit lost, got used to doing a bit of art and journalling(or thinking about it!) each day.

So, I've decided to join the rest of my team on UKScrappers and take part in Yorkie Girls 2007 journal. The idea is to create an entry for each month, everyone seems to be doing a variety of different things

I'm planning to do a mix of art/scrapping journal. Thinking of having a calendar page with events jotted down and the facing page with photo and journalling, but we'll see! I've done the front cover so far.

As well s Shimelle inspiring me with her online classes, I love the cupcake recipes she has on her site so I decided to buy myself a handmixer with some gift vouchers I got at Christmas and tried baking....and discovered I needed to buy a bigger mixing bowl. My poor toaster and wall tiles ended up getting a bit splattered!


Latharia said...

YUM, indeed!! :) Awesome job completing your journal ... AND coming up with the next big project!

valerie said...

I love your christmas album it has given me an idea for my 2007 album.your cover for that looks great too can't wait to see how you do the inside of it