Saturday, 6 January 2007

All good things come to an end...

It's the twelfth day of Christmas, decorations have come down and it's the last day of the Christmas journal class. I've loved doing this class and it's made me really apprieciate and savour Christmas this year and remember past Christmases too. Thanks to Shimelle for the wonderful prompts and inspiration and to everyone who shared their creations, I feel that I have new friends all over the world.

Jan 2nd:Focussing on innocence and the artistic challenge to use white. Journalling relates to the innocence of children - I saw my niece in her school concert and it was so wonderful to see the kids so joyful and full of the spirit of Christmas.

Jan 3rd:Recalling the most special moments, wanted to protect and preserve the so journalled inside one of the christmas cards I made this year. Seeing Lorna in her last primary school concert and the look on the face of my friend Judith when she opened the triangle mini-album I made for her.

Jan 4th:Planning for next Christmas - make cards earlier, I keep thinking I should start in September instead of a last minute rush! Try not to worry so much about presents - my family and friends are more than happy with the gifts I buy and really want to see me more than they are concerned with what present they'll get, except my nieces maybe!! :)

Jan 5th: Packing up, putting all the Christmas things away and finding homes for my presents.

Jan 6th: The End, 12 day of Christmas and last journal entry, I feel that this journal has enabled me to recapture my love of Christmas and to record moments that could so easily be forgotten.


staceyfike said...

lovely! and i LOVE that santa charm!!!

Latharia said...

Just beautiful - love how each page is unique unto itself!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Sad to see it end isn't it? Lovely pages, very individual.

Sherry said...

congrats, Yvonne, for finishing your journal; it's lovely. I think my fave may be the 29th -- love the blue and the way you laid out the year in review.
sherry grove