Friday, 8 December 2006

Christmas - time to get organised

Couldn't get in yesterday to update blog. Wasn't in such a good way anyway - been to the dentist for the first time in years and had 2 teeth out. Wasn't too bad but jaw a bit sore afterwards.

Yesterdays prompt for Christmas journal was to help get organised, include a Christmas shopping list, this came at just the right time as I'm planning to do the last of my shopping today so I can take my list with me! I created a pocket from some artist canvas on a roll, stamped and distressed edges, I like the sort of aged look. 2 vellum tags in the pocket, one listing presents still to buy, the other my to do list and journalling


Eleni said...

Lovely layout! I still haven't done any Christmas shopping .. I'm the last minute sort of gal! Have fun on your shopping expedition!

Jenn said...

Another beautiful one! I love the vellum tags and how you used the canvas! Hope your mouth feels better today!

Latharia said...

Love the aged feel of this!