Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What’s in your suitcase?

Today’s "My Freedom"blog prompt: Play a game of ‘What’s in your suitcase?’ on your blog by listing your necessities for travel.
My essentials would be: books - can't travel without something to read. My MP3 player, can't seem to sleep without listening to some music and I think sometimes it can provide a soundtrack to your holiday - a song that you then associate with a location (hope you know what I mean :) )
Camera - no self respecting scrapbooker would be without their camera, lenses, rechargable batteries
Suntan lotion - being quite pale and freckley this is essential.
Space allowing i'd sneak in some crafting stuff - a few stamps, some inkpads and paper - oh and a journalling book and a pen. I made some envelope books for my holiday to Tenerife to record what we did each day and hold tickets etc.

Travel journals.

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kathj said...

you even scrapped your suit case lol love it!