Friday, 11 July 2008

Today’s My Freedom blog prompt: How do you prefer the pace of life? Do you wish things would
speed up or slow down? Illustrate with something that has been on your mind or on your calendar or share your preference between working slowly or quickly on a craft project.

I found this photoshop brush in my collection - sums it up quite nicely I think!
Time certainly seems to be elastic - sometimes I think the year just seems to be flying by (probably an age thing) but then it can seem to drag. Because I've been off work ill this week time has been strange, I only seem to be functioning normally when it's time to go to bed, but I'm still waking up early in the morning but really not fit for anything so the day seems to stretch endlessly - and TV is driving me up the wall. ITunes has been my saviour this week.
Got my hospital appointment through but this seems so far away - 29th July, just have to hope I can deal with the pain until then.

I don't mind craft projects that take time, but I do have quite a few unfinished projects around so sometimes is good to have a project that can be finished in one sitting.


kathj said...

Day time TV is mind numbing at the moment totally agree!

scrapdolly said...

Love that brush - what a wonderful quote

Leanne said...

great brush!!! that is a fab quote! Lx