Monday, 28 July 2008


Today’s My Freedom blog prompt: Tell your blog readers(if I have any :)) about someone who has been a creative influence in your life -- a crafty mum, aunt or grandparent, an influential school teacher or a friend who brought out your creative side, perhaps

Looking back I have had several creative influences in my life, My Gran was probably the most influential although I only see this now - she was able to turn her hand to anything, could knit Arran cardigans and intricate fairisle patterns, she made clothes for my mum, her sister and brothers - from curtain lining or old clothes - rationing was still going on after WWII. She was a fantastic cook and baker too.

My Dad is also an influence - he's a fantastic gardener and great at DIY - very creative in a practical way, I've actually picked up a good grasp of DIY skills which have come in handy living alone.

School teachers - two most fantastic art teachers I had at St. Brendans High school, Mr King and Mr Callan - always encouraging and inspired my love of Rennie Macintosh. Mr Callan did have some quirky ideas - we would never know what to expect for still life - I remember he once borrowed George the skeleton from the science department, dressed him as a monk and created a grave in the middle of the art room, we walked in to find poor old george in the 'grave' with a butchers knife through his ribs! Certainly made a difference from the usual fruit.

Today was my first day back at work after being ill for 3 weeks, actually was really pleased to go back - although still in a bit of pain, good to feel that things are getting back to normal.


Anita said...

Lovely to read about your creative influences , how funny about George the skeleton !

Marie said...

ROFL. What is it with Gran's and Aran cardie's and Fair Isles? Mine always had one or the other whizzing off her needles. She could knit aran patterns that would make your brain hurt without having to look at them!


Carrie said...

So cool you had so many who impacted your creative side!

pollydoodle said...

hey, absolutely love the lamps. Those were the days at ballantrae I remember them so well, good times. So true about nan! and WOW what a difference in the photos. keep well
Big Sis. x