Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Perfect Day (Almost)

I'm hoping to keep my blog a bit more uptodate with the help of Shimelles latest class - Blogging for Scrapbookers.

Thinking of a memorable day recently - in July my sister and two nieces came to
visit me it London. I usually book us theatre tickets but thought this time we'd do something different - so I booked us tickets for Eurostar to Paris for a day trip. I was a bit worried that it would be a struggle to get the girls out of bed so early but they both surprised me! We made it to St. Pancras in good time, bought some breakfast from M&S and got on the train. The journey was so much quicker than I expected.

We decided to take the metro to the Louvre but the map looked so confusing, but we then spotted a help point - they we
re so helpful, provided us a map and marked out the route to take and where to change. I'd recommend using the metro - just ask for instructions its not as scary as it looks.

Heather and Lorna wanted to see the Mona Lisa, so we followed the signs and crowed into the room - I've seen it before but still surprises me that it's smaller than I expected. After we'd managed to squeeze closer to get a better look the girls had had enough of culture and wanted to go outside and sit by the fountain in the courtyard - I could easily hav
e spent most of the day wandering around the gallery but this trip wasn't just about me.

It was such a warm day it was reall
y good to sit by the fountain and we all stuck our feet in to cool down a bit. After we'd relaxed for a while we decided to walk down by the Seine, we ended up walking all the way to the Eiffel Tower - the girls did moan a bit - don't normally like to walk very far :) (To be honest shouldn't really have got annoyed as it was a really long walk on a very hot day)

The queues were just soooo long to go
up the tower so we decided to have icecream instead - and then it started to rain - very heavily for about 5 minutes!
By this time we were all footsore so decided to take a sightseeing cruise down the Seine - this was wonderful, relaxing and very enjoyable.

It was then time to head back to the station when the cruise ended, we walked up to metro and stopped to watch some street dancers for a while - a surprise ending to the day.


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.

Hazel said...

Great post for starters. Lucky sisters, getting such a fab day out.