Thursday, 5 November 2009

Favourite things

I'm still running a day behind but at least i'm still going!

Things I love are:
1. Lush : I love their bath ballistics and bubblebars.

2.Lensbaby Lenses: Take a look at the Lensbaby group on Flickr or the official Lensbaby website. I love the effects you can get and have bought myself a set of optics to play with.

3.ArtsyCraftsy weekends: run by Leandra from Paperartsy and Linda from LB Crafts. They always come with the most amazing projects.

4.Tim Holtz - so inspiring

5.Craft time with my friends - we try to get together at least once every month. Sometimes we don't get much creating done but it's great to get together!

1 comment:

Kathy M said...

Cool picture. I've seen those lensbabies mention on photojojo and shimelle's blog. I'll have to take another look at them.