Sunday, 26 February 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

Well, at almost the last minute I've decided to try out for the Graphic 45 Design Team for 2012. I absolutely love their product lines, but sometimes find it so hard to cut into the papers - I had to buy 2 packs of the SteamPunk Debutante papers before I could bear to use them :)

Here are my six audition pieces:
1. 50th Anniversary Printer tray

2. 16th Birthday telescoping card

Card Detail

3. Steampunk Debutante easel card

4. Shrine to SteamPunk

4. Shrine to SteamPunk 

4. Close-up, film strip

4. Handmade Resin heart with embedded watchparts


5. Wizard of Oz Canvas

5. Filmstrip, and papermache ruby slipper

5. Detail -Dorothy and the house

5. Shoes on the yellow brick road

5. the cast of characters

6. Steampunk storage box

Wish me luck, and good luck to all the ATT members who are also auditioning.  XX


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your creations are AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeee that film strip and the shoes!!! GORGEOUS! Good luck with the call!

Denise said...

Good luck! Your projects are gorgeous. What fun! :D

Susan ~ Killam Creative said...

Good luck! The shoes are brilliant. :)


grannypoppy said...

Just fabulous creations, Yvonne! Good luck with the audition! Hope you make the team :)

Lisa :) said...

WOW WOW WOW these pieces are amazing!!!

Dealbaida said...

WOW what wonderful creations. The shoes are ink-red-ible!

Good luck with the submission Yvonne, you would be a huge asset to any Design Team.

Marion in the UK

Gallois said...

Great work Yvonne.
Good luck :)

PlumTuckered's Paper Plays said...

FABULOUS!! Your Ruby Slippers and Steampunk Shrine are my faves! Good luck with the Call!!

Kathi said...

Oh my. I adore the Steampunk Shrine!!!

Denise said...

Wow- these are amazing - it's nice to see someone so close to me sending something to G45! Good Luck xx

Kathy Ethington said...

Oh my gosh...those handmade papermache shoes are are really talented, and I love all that you did...I really love your angels.