Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tim Holtz @ ArtsyCrafts

Inchie book presented to Tim

Had a wonderful day on Friday 25th Feb at ArtsyCrafts in Milton Keynes. Of course it was even more fantastic than Lin and Leandra's workshops usually are because the wonderful Tim was here to teach a configurations box class.  First I was in class with Lin and Leandra(with their wonderful helpers too) after I had been to the shop :)  We made a lovely triptych using some new PaperArtsy products - new chalk paint and metal card.  As usual Leandra comes up with some fab words - this time "worm envy" and we heard about "red snot"

Work in progress - triptych

Finished project
ArtsyCrafts Project
After a much needed lunchbreak came the highlight of the day - Tim's class!  I love his work, his teaching style - really just everything!   I didn't finish my box - too many choices in the goodies we were given that I spent sooo much time putting things in and taking them out again - plan to finish off today and upload later but here's a couple of photo's of the goodies we were given and what I've done so far.

grungeboard typeblocks
Centre section
Mario always has to try on hats and he borrowed Siobhan's  - looks very fetching in red sequince!  Tim gave away raffle prizes - and I was lucky enough to win one, an alterations die.  My vagabond arrived at work on thursday but as I was going to MK couldn't take it home to play :(

Tim and some of the ArtsyCrafts team

too many starbucks Tim?

I had a fabulous time, thanks to everyone involved and to Tania for arranging the Inchie book presented to Tim.



Erika said...

Good times! Thanks for sharing!

Sandi said...

I thought of you on that day cause I knew you would be there. It all looks like so much fun! I'm already anxious for the cruise and it's a long way off! I too got my Vagabond the other day. I sold my Big Shot so I wouldn't feel as guilty for buying the V. I love it already. Lovely hearing about your day!
Sandi Figura

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Hi Yvonne,
It was so nice to meet you finally at the Artsycrafts event.
I had a fantastic day too!
Fab pics, can't wait to see the finished result of your configuration box!
Well done on winning a prize!
Oh and have fun with your Vagabond next week (slightly envious here ;) ) Please tell Andy that I need one of these machines!!LOL!!
Jan x

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your day Yvonne. Looks fantastic. I would have loved to be there for the inchie book hand over but I might have been blubbing so perhaps best that I wasn't!
Love the art you created with Lin & Leandra. Great that everyone, in both projects, did the same but all with different results so each very unique.
I was on Thursday so sorry we didn't get to meet.

Inge Bekaert said...

Hello Yvonne,

thanks for sharing your photos and experiences !

I'm intrigued by the tree you made for the triptych : is it gold foil and the tree is it a stencil ?

It's nice to see the front of the inchiebook Tim recieved ! I love inchies : beautiful tiny pieces with art.

If I was there me too I wouldn't have finished the box... I would have done the same as you : arrange and rearrange...LOL

I think Tim can open a fleamarket himself when I see all the stuff he puts in the bags !!

greetings from belgium

humel said...

Great pics, Yvonne! And your projects look great :-) It was so good to meet you, and I was thrilled that you won a prize too!