Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bon Voyage!

I'm slowly working through the photos I took on the cruise and have just sent off my first 2 rolls of film from my Diana F+ camera to be developed.  The Diana is a lomography camera sometimes known as a Toy camera as it's made of plastic and totally manual - no batteries.  Not sure how they'll turn out but that's all part of the fun of Lomo.  Theres a great Flickr which show the type of photos produced by the camera - love the vignetteing.

So on the 30th Sept the buses came to pick us up from the Hampton Inn to take us to the big boat!  I knew it would be big but just didn't realise how big it would be... so massive.  The weather wasn't so great that day, drizzly rain and overcast, and as we were heading for the bus to take us to the ship I caught a glimpse of a tv showing a weather report and New York was catching the end of a storm - explained why things got a bit bumpy later on - I didn't really know this was unusual as I'd never been on a cruiseship before - nearest thing was trips on the ferry to Isle of Man with my family when I was wee. (Don't think the Renfrew ferry to Yoker counts!(Scotland)). It took Carolyn and I a few days before we got the hang of finding our room without going the longest way round. 


We had our welcome party in the Maharaja lounge, received our id bags(best things ever), Cheryl swapped out our charms and we met Jim, Tim and the gang - didn't get great photos because Tim never stays still for long :)

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Stephanie Rodgers said...

OMG! You got 2 great photos of Tim! That's soooo true about getting pics of him ... after 3 cruises with him, I still only manage one or two from each trip!